Yozora Rhapsody

The player will take the role of Sorata Hoshikawa, who just got a promotion at his work place with a nice bonus and a two weeks holiday. Perfect opportunity to celebrate his 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife Kotoko. Together with their daughter Hotaru, they are traveling to a tropical island in the south and have a very nice time in a beautiful paradise. But on one night a meteor shower appeared and everything changed…
Title: Yozora Rhapsody
Genre: Sexual Content, Nudity, Adventure
Developer: Yume Creations
Publisher: Yume Creations
Release Date: 17 Mar, 2017


Yozora Rhapsody Download

Size : 350MB

Goto lib\windows-i686 and run Yozora_Rhapsody.exe to play

Kumpulbagi – UploadedUptoboxUserscloud1Fichier – GDrive


6 thoughts on “Yozora Rhapsody

  1. I can’t play it,
    it said : Can’t find information files, source I**-G*ames.*** , other site are fake, etc, etc

    1. Okay, so I’ve seen you comment on nearly every Ero this site has to offer, maybe even others, though I care not to try and remember. You almost always call them second rate, or just talk crap about them. Honestly, I don’t always agree, but I’m curious: what Eroge/ VNs would you say are good? Which would you suggest? I don’t need a huge-ass list, but name a few, would you?
      Even dirt can look pretty if you haven’t seen flowers, so if you’ve got some list of five star titles, I wanna see.

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