Nanus, the prince of Mamatoto has created a machine that is able to summon heroes from other universes. With their help he intends to explore an infinitely deep cave.
An SRPG game featuring a large cast from various Alice Soft and Alice Blue games.

Title Mamanyonyo
Original title ままにょにょ
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer Alice Soft
Publishers  Alice Soft


Widenyo Download

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13 thoughts on “Widenyo

  1. wait, is it the translated all ages, the untranslated 18+ or a crossover of the translated all ages and the japanese 18+ version?

    1. lol , i just wanna know if its translated and has CG or not. untranslated games with fighting mechanics is a nightmare

  2. anyone else can confirm that this is indeed an allages version or am i simply missing something?
    because i’m already around 13 hours in, got like 30-40 characters and still not a single scene >_>

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