Welcome to the Adventurer Inn!

Fighting monsters and going on epic quests is the job of an adventurer, but even adventurers need to rest!

As the owner of a new inn aimed at catering to adventurers, it is your job to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for them to regain their fighting spirit.

Build up your inn, become friends with the clientele, and become the most famous inn in the land!


  • A Fantasy Inn Management Sim
  • Furnish Your Inn to Meet the Needs of Your Guests
  • Befriend a Diverse Cast of Characters
  • Hire Adventurers to Fight Through Dungeons and Collect Loot for You
  • Gain Popularity and Become a Famous Innkeeper!


Title: Welcome to the Adventurer Inn!
Publisher: peperoncino
Steam publisher: Kagura Games
Release date: May/22/2018
Last updated: Aug/08/2018
Steam release: 3 Apr, 2021
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)



Size : 930MB

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