Wailing Guignol

A weapon of mass destruction created by humans. A cold blood-thirsty machine made to kill. Humans came close to extinction due to them. The world was turned upside down…

Unable to cope with all the violence anymore,
the humans decided to capture
and eliminate all Guignols.

Slowly, the Guignols were destroyed one by one
and buried into the ground.

Although the humans were successful in destroying the Guignols,
they lost something that they could never get back.

Once all the Guignols were gone…
There was nothing but sand and steel left on earth.

But the people didn’t give up.
They stuck together and tried to survive the harsh environment…

Then, a boy was born in the town of Ergerita…


Title: Wailing Guignol
Developer: 栗pick
Publisher: WASABI entertainment
Release date: 15 Apr, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English, Japanese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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