Seiko is an ordinary and humble student, and at home, she is an online voice actress.Because of her father’s work, Seiko’s room also has good sound insulation equipment .In the work of voice actress, Seiko played many roles, and also many 18+ games。
Title: VoiceActress
Genre: CasualIndieRPG
Developer: Dieselmine
Publisher: Dieselmine
Release Date: 29 Nov, 2017


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5 thoughts on “VoiceActress

    1. non-eroge/visual novels are not shit.
      there’s really good visual novel games out there.
      visual novels focuses more on the story, if you just play eroge just to ejaculate then i suggest playing nukige games. (e.g. 根暗いじめられっこを助けたら懐かれた!~隠れ爆乳美少女といいなり孕ませ同棲生活~ ). but don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying eroge is bad or i’m saying visual novels are better. i just didn’t like what you said there bud. it’s like you’re dissing non-eroge games which also means you’re trash talking the game devs and all their hard work.

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