Virgin Invader

You are a powerful hentai demon with plans to conquer Virgin Land but, your are thwarted by a hero. Wounded but not beaten, you take refuge in the body of a human. However, this makes you mortal. Your goal is to ravish virgins and seed your dark power until you are restored. Go forth, powerless human! F*ck all virgins! Become the demon you once were and rule Virgin Land with impunity!
Information: DLSITE
File Size: 406MB
Original title: Virgin Invader
Brand: MenZ Studio
Release: 2015/09/14
Rating: 18+

Virgin Invader Download

Size : 430MB

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12 thoughts on “Virgin Invader

    1. uhh . .I think it is 1.02 cus the developer is now focusing on other game. I don’t think there is higher version of this . . errr . .Ummm . . does it exist ?? lol . . I didn’t check patreon lately.

  1. I’ve tried downloading from gdrive using this site’s method, but is it normal for the speed of downloading become really slow?

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