Vampire’s Slave

You are a normal farmhand when one evening on your way home, you are kidnapped by a vampire. In her enormous castle full of dungeons and dangerous monsters, the vampire treats you like her livestock, or pet at best, feeding on you as she pleases, using you for sexual release. She infects you with vampirisme, and you must find a way to cure yourself quick before you become her thrall. Perhaps with some ingenuity and skill, you may not only escape but triumph over her.​

The game features numerous NSFW content including femdom, maledom, and BDSM.
Contains RPG exploration and turn-based combat.
Puzzles, dungeons, secrets, and monsters.


Developer: Noxurtica
Release: 2021-02-21
Work Format: RPG
File Size: 222 MB



Size : 250MB

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