Vampire Fuck [English]

Cheres, a vampire with special genes, left the castle
on a journey of love and life.
Using her body for everything from battles to quests
to prostitution, 4 different endings await.

* Full game system

31 battle CGs + 37 event CGs = 68 base CGs
Further cut-ins, bonuses, etc.

Battles are 1-vs-1 BF (battle f*ck)
Click the “next” button for sequential illustrations in looping animation.
Choose from 6 outfits (+ 1 variation) and total nudity
Between the player and enemies there are over 120 different skills
Enemies also come in more than 120 varieties with diverse attacks

There 65 quests, many of which progress the story
Ecchi events come within these quests and story-related
There are 37 ecchi events, and looping anime variations

Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free):



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