Truth: Disorder 2 + 3

Truth: Disorder – Gemini is a strange story about two twin girls: Mei and Aoi. Despite external similarity, their characters are absolute opposites.Mei is an open and kind girl, as well as an excellent student. She studies in a prestigious academy and has many friends. She loves her little sister very much and is willing to do everything to make her happy.Aoi, on the contrary, is closed and lonely, and believes she’s not needed anywhere she goes.Suffering from mental disorders, she’s constantly depressed. She communicates only with her sister, always envying her beauty, intelligence, and ability to be friends with people. She is very attached to Mei and considers her to be the only person dear to her; but because of her personality she often quarrels with her.


Title: Truth: Disorder III — Gemini
Developer: JustE AAN
Publisher: JustE Publishing
Release date: 25 Apr, 2019
Version: Final
Language: English, Russian
No Sexual Content!




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