Tropical Liquor

Welcome to Tropical Island.
But onii-chan, you’re just some part-time bum, aren’t you? On top of that, your age equals the years you’ve never had a girlfriend, right?The player (that’s you!) is a part-timer who lives an uneventful, boring life.
One day, you win the prize draw at the shopping district. The prize: a trip to an island in the south — you decide to take a 30-day vacation.
“I… want to make this a nice vacation…! I want to change myself in this trip!”
You decide to grow out of your dull, boring life and get a girlfriend.

TitleTropical Liquor
LengthShort (2 – 10 hours)
DeveloperTentacle Games
Publishers Tentacle Games & Sekai Project


Tropical Liquor Download


1. Extract the archive
2. Click on “Game Launcher” to play
3. If the game crashes during the tutorial download tropical_liquor.exe and drop it in the game folder replacing the existing file.


23 thoughts on “Tropical Liquor

  1. It’s a short, simple, Eroge (in the R18+ Version) Dating Sim, with a funny Mini Game. It has a full voice output, which really nice is. Yesterday i finnished 2 Girls, today the Rest ????. I like the Nekopara Art, sweet and lovely.

    1. they are off and the main laguage is set to english but every time i confessed the game crashes with some kind of lua error right when the h-scene ends

  2. Is it like huniepop then?I’ll play this game, and I’m sure it’s fine, but it really is a shame people have taken away from HP’s uniqueness trying to recreate it. This isn’t the “Plagarism” card, either, I know it’s hard coming up with something truly unique, but come on, nothing like this was around before HP, then suddenly you see it popping up all over. (Pun intended)

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