Trials of Proelium

Two friends, one conquest.

Proelium’s emperor is on his way to retirement. To heir a new emperor, one master from each district of Proelium must fight until only one remain.

Play as master Letha, a paladin and her mage companion Yoni as they explore the world of Proelium in search of other masters.
Will you find and defeat them, or die trying?


Open-world to explore
A story orientated adventure
Mainquests, sidequests and activities
Dungeons and bosses
Crafting and scrolling
Options to customize the game experience to your liking, including various weapon types and the ability to turn on and off random encounters based on your preference
Cute main characters in anime style
Multiple skilltrees you can switch between
10+ hours of playtime


Title: Trials of Proelium
Developer: Retroactive Fort
Publisher: Retroactive Fort
Release date: 17 Dec, 2021
Version: Final
Language: English (Official)
No Sexual Content!




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