The Most Forbidden Love in the World

Having lost his love, job, hopes, and even most of his youth, Yoshimura Osamu (28) uses the last of his money at the local pub and aimlessly wanders the streets.
Yet in this moment of utter hopelessness, the strikingly attractive woman — who had been at the center of attention back in the pub — approaches Osamu on the street in an attempt to cheer him up.
Sensing that fate itself could be at play in their encounter, Osamu resolves to confess his feelings to the older woman, but…
“Come visit me if you ever find yourself in trouble.”
Title Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi
Original title 世界でいちばんNG(だめ)な恋
Aliases NG恋, 世界で一番NGな恋, 世界でいちばんだめな恋, Sekai de Ichiban NG na Koi, The World’s Most Forbidden Love, DameKoi, SekaiDame, 世界でいちばんNGな恋
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)

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