The Lewd Chronicles of Shrine Maiden Rina

As the daughter of a long line of priests, Rina Oikawa was also helping her family today by working as a shrine maiden. Her everyday life was following the same peaceful routine.
However, The sudden appearance of the demonic Ioni would change her life forever.
She couldn’t just let those devils run loose and hurt people.
She resolved to fight, not for her own sake but as an ally of justice, as the Shrine Maiden.
But many times she would be overwhelmed…

Includes all the 6 chapters of the main series.
Also comes with an exclusive extra chapter making this the ultimate bundle.
Chapter 1: The Giant Electric Tentacles
Chapter 2: The Insects
Chapter 3: The Beast
Chapter 4: Slimes and Other Green Things
Chapter 5: Continuous Conception
Chapter 6: Complete Defeat – Giving Up Brain Control
Extra Chapter: Attending to All Kinds of Needs


Title: The Lewd Chronicles of Shrine Maiden Rina
Developer: プリックリーアッシュ
Publisher: プリックリーアッシュ
Release date: 15 Apr, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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