Sylphy and the Sleepless Island

Sylphy is a small-time thief who lives in the slums with her sickly sister Therese.
She struggles every night to bring in enough money to cover the medical bills.
One night while on a job, she overhears a rumor about a treasure called the Gem of Misfortune.
They say it’s protected by Diezel, a powerful island nation of spirit worshippers.
What’s more, the nation will be holding a week-long “Spirit Festival,” and the castle’s guard will be spread thin.
Seeing a chance for a big score, Sylphy heads to the island of Diezel to steal the gem.​


Title: Sylphy and the Sleepless Island
Developer: Milky Way
Publisher: Kagura Games
Release date: Japanese Sep/08/2019, English Oct/09/2021
Version: V1.02
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)
Censored: No (Uncensored)


Size : 1GB

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