Split Of Knight

The Seguria continent, a world with a scattering of towns and dungeons…
There is a village called Each in the continent, where there lived a girl named Rose.
She was born into a family line of chevaliers, and since she was young she wanted to help others as her father had done, and trained to be a knight.
Rose was able to help others in various situations and she assisted many people.
As a result, she became very popular among the people and children in the town.
One day her father gave her a symbol of qualification and told her that she “needed to undergo the final trial to qualify as an authorized knight”.
Title: Split Of Knight
Genre: RPG
Developer: H-GAME
Publisher: H-GAME
Release Date: 11 Nov, 2017


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19 thoughts on “Split Of Knight

    1. There are many good games made in RPG Maker, with good puzzles, battles, story or… “plot”. It ends being a easy to use engine, like a veeeeery limited Unity. And some of them, if you “open it” you will find very complex scripts.

    2. well because the engine is powerfull enough for child, mean there you can dev a game without single knowledge what is C# is or another coding code

      1. You have to know a bit about scripting, though, unless you’re using the (completely different & basic) console version of RPG Maker…

        1. Oh lord, are you one of those “only triple-A games made by major developers are good” people?
          Fun fact: plenty of good games are (or started as) indie titles: Castle Crashers, Trine, Braid, Stanley Parable, Limbo, Journey, even freaking Minecraft started as an indie project.

  1. Melty’s quest is the best rpg maker eroge , rest all are too grindy or too lacking. This seems like that too.

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