Soukoku no Arterial

Shuuya lives with his younger sister Mirai and attends Academy Tengyou Daini. However, their peaceful days come to an abrupt end as their world is taken over by an alternate world called Waibin Sekai – one where angels and demons battle each other and monsters called ‘creators’ roam freely. The students are forced to decide to ally with the angels, side with the demons or do neither. No matter which choice they make, they would be hard pressed to survive in this dangerous world.

Title Soukoku no Arterial
Original title 創刻のアテリアル
Length Very long (> 50 hours)
Developer Eushully
Rating 18+
Language English


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24 thoughts on “Soukoku no Arterial

  1. The Game Crashed (stopped working) After i Press New Game. is it only me? or something that i miss?.. i only copy paste all the english patch into the File Directly. and install all the update V2.00 , AP02, and Ap03 is there any crack or something that i miss?? .. thanks for the Game BTW really appreciate that !! LONG LIVE HDDGAMES

    1. me too,admin please solve this problem,when i opened the game it gave me a message error that says direct3dx graphics and the rest in japaneese language,im sure it’s not because i had not installed directx because i have installed it and dont have any problem with other jap games

    2. Try this :
      _B1: Mount file SOUKOKU.mdf then install game
      _B2: Mount file TENNYUU.mdf, and right click ; open; goto append folder; run soukoku_ap01.exe to install Appdent Disk 01.
      _B3: Open Soukoku no Arterial Append Disk Ver. 2.0
      Mount file EU013_EX.iso
      Then install in order アペンド 02, アペンド 03, ver 2.0
      _B5: Run File 創刻のアテリアル.exe on Desktop
      Remember to set locale to japanese or run with Apploc

  2. does anyone know how to fix this problem, if u do plss share, i really want to play this game so bad
    and i got a strong feeling that for those with runtime error has Font error issue ( same with Kamidori from eshully)

  3. IVE DONE IT… I finally break through and fix ALL PROBLEM ERROR
    i knew it the font problem
    now install it like this for people who stuck with error
    install all the game and append BUT DO NOT PUT ALL THE ENGLISH/TRANSLATE PATCH YET
    first direcx3d error
    if error occur and u open the game again and pic yes this setting will show up
    then follow the pic below
    plus u need to pick the first opttion in 3D(japanese word) at the Direct3D
    if u can open the game, good, to the next step
    open up setting and change the font to MS Gothic or MS UI Gothic (if u dont have MS Gothic)
    then put all the translate/english patch

    1. Thanks… Couldn’t figure out that it was the font.
      Although, I’ll probs won’t be playing it due to the machine translation. 😛

  4. Hello!
    i would really like to play this game, but is it possible that the machine translations arent put in the english patches? what i mean by that is i downloaded the game, installed ap 01, then 02, then 03, then installed v 2.0, then put the eng., patches on in the order Dia, Int, Text, and even then, in the first day in the game, when main char. talks to the 3 girls on the roofs, it switches to japanese. even before that instance few lines here and there were in japanese. is there a way to have machine translation? did i do something wrong?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. same here, anyone know howto fix this? is this supposed to happen? will it returned to english after a few skips?

  5. Hello,
    I got the game running, had the 3D,directx error managed to fix that but the game still crashes from time to time while playing and in card battles I often get an error text and need to contionusly click on ok after every action and If I go on the “not ok” the game quits. Any solution for that?

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