Snow-Swept Quest

Saya is a yuki-onna, a type of snow demon, living a peaceful, but lonely life on the Eastern continent.

Her world is turned on its head when she’s kidnapped by slavers who intend to sell her on the distant Western continent.

She escapes the slavers, but finds herself stranded in a strange foreign land.

She resolves to return to her home, but earning the money to book passage back to the East will bring her into conflict with humans and monsters of all sorts.

Will Saya make it home, or does fate have something else in store?


  • Classic RPG Experience
  • Turn-based Combat
  • Leveling System
  • Skill System
  • Fantasy Setting


TITLE: Snow-Swept Quest
GENRE: Adventure, Indie, RPG
DEVELOPER: potato-life
PUBLISHER: Kagura Games
FRANCHISE: Kagura Games
RELEASE DATE: 1 May, 2021



Size : 370MB


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