28 thoughts on “Sexy Beach Premium Resort v1.11 + DLCs – FitGirl Repack

    1. yes, and FYI, Athena will never upload an eroge that doesn’t have an english patch. so if you find out about an eroge that has been released out there but haven’t been posted here, then that game must not have an english patch released, or at least, not yet. but if you happen to know that an eroge have a patch, then you can put up a request to Athena for that game to be posted here.
      but make sure you put the request on the Request Board, not the chat box.
      have a nice day 🙂

  1. Sorry, but I’ve been trying to see the system requirements for this game in the Internet and my laptop should’ve good enough to run it, but when I try to play it, this game is really lagging, can anyone tell me how to fix this? And also, what does the DLCs contain, since I don’t think I’ve seen one?

  2. ok let me clear things up here. HDDGAMES is great and their links are definitely usually cool. The Drive link is not broken…its just been used so many times that you have to wait. If you cannot wait for this repack (and normally I don’t like compressed repacks but I understand that some of you might have bandwidth issues) all you have to do is do a google search for Sexy Beach Premium Resort…and look for the links that go to HONGFIRE or ANIME-SHARING…those 2 sites have been THE site to go to for these type of games (Illusion games, KISS games, etc)
    At HF and AS you will find not only the iso for the game …but the latest DLC/patch (its 1218 at this moment) but you will also find the HF Patch .06 (again…the latest) The HF patch is the English translations…and other mods that make this game work great. The modders at these sites work very hard to bring these games to USA in an easy way to play…(of course you will still need to have AppLoc installed on your system)

    1. It’s not broken:
      1) Add the file to your GDrive from the GDrive link up there
      2) Copy the file once it’s in your drive
      3) Download the copy from your drive

  3. Please give me access to your link on google drive, I want to download this game from google drive. 🙁 thank you 🙂

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