SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash + FitGirl Repack

The summer of bouncy, high-flying hijinks continues for the girls of SENRAN KAGURA! They’ve fought rival ninja, evil masterminds, and apocalyptic demons from beyond the veil of sanity, but nothing—NOTHING in their lives has ever prepared them for…a water gun fight?!
Summoned to a mysterious tournament by its shady organizers, the buxom shinobi students team up and face off, using all kinds of water weapons to soak and splash their opponents. As they rise through the tournament brackets, they’ll uncover the secrets behind the organization - secrets that hide an ever-growing threat to… Wait, what? Sorry, I was watching all the splashing.
Title: SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash
Genre: Action
Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: XSEED GamesMarvelous USA, Inc.
Release Date: 8 Mar, 2018


OS: Windows 7+, 64-bit OS
Processor: Intel Core i3-550 @ 3.2 GHz (2-core)
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 22 GB available space


SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash Download

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Update + DLC

FitGirl Repack
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22 thoughts on “SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash + FitGirl Repack

  1. This ver will make your CPU go 100% .. no good. Have to wait for further patch
    Even the steam ver. have same prob. 100% CPU usage is insane

    1. strange, my CPU usage only hits between 30-40 (same as with most other games)
      but then again, i don’t really want to know what stoneage CPU’s are still used by some people

      1. Stoneage CPU ? pls. I got i7 – 8700 @ 3.22 Ghz. So Not stoneage. This game definitely not optimized.

        1. well, my setup would be i7 3770K @ 4gHz, gforce 970 OC and 16GB ram, maybe it stresses your CPU because the GPU is to weak or whatever, but like i said, my CPU usage never climbs over 40% in that game

          1. Thanks for the info. and nope my GPU is 1070. and I run FF15 just fine.
            Regardless of what you said. Even on steam 1.02 the devs still didn’t fix the “abnormal CPU usage”

          2. well, for me it runs like a charm so it was just a guess, because you won’t believe what ancient specs i’ve seen thees days and the ppl were still wondering why they couldn’t play the latest games on high settings etc, sorry for a false accusation and that the game doesn’t run smooth on your pc =/

    2. I’ve medieval-age CPU but it never reached 100%, it stays like 30% and the gameplay is 60fps with small hiccups. I’d say that most of these kinda games are poorly optimized but this right here is playable.
      Whoever interested in the game, you could play it. The one you download here is playable. And the steam one is playable too. I noticed no differences between the 2 versions so I could say the game is properly cracked/patched.
      Edit: I’ve only played the game for 3 hours and haven’t experienced any big issues like crashes/long loading time.

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