24 thoughts on “Secrossphere – Sekurosufia – セクロスフィア

    1. No HF patch at the moment. Mods are quite scarce as well. By the way, that’s the real size. It’s quite a small game. Rather unoptimized as well. Do check Hongfire if you’ve already got this one installed. The new DLCs are there.

  1. athena, can you add more games from ILLUSION? like “my fair gentleman”, “maitetsu”, “omokage”, and “natsu uso”. i don’t really know about their release dates but maybe you can look into it.

      1. Actually, there’s 8 female characters with scenes, and only one of them does the cross dressing thing (still male on female), the rest are normal.
        Still shota though.

        1. shota is still acceptable for me, as long as the young boy is still “a male” or behaving like a male, but crossdressing and the term “futanari” is…ewww..(for me), but based on your info, i’m curious about the other 7 “real” girls, i think i’ll try this one, thanks 🙂

        2. Actually, I’m only seeing 5 in the game. What happened to the rest? Are they a part of the DLC? I’m also having problems with unpacking those .rar files. They can’t seem to unpack for me.
          Or is this the trial version?

          1. No problem. Solved it myself. Those 3 will appear (maybe around mid-game)
            Also managed to get all of the new DLCs (3) that were released making it a total of 5.
            2 of them being pre-order bonus. Which is included in this version. Hongfire mate. 🙂

          2. I downloaded from another site, the question is how do I access the parts that are the 3 pre order bonus?

      2. There was a game before on ddgamez about crossdressing you know. I believe the title was “Otokonoko Maid Cafe” or something. I forgot, but I think that’s how it sounds like. Great fun. 😛

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