Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender

“Sensei… how does it feel to love someone?”

In an empty classroom, Konami Izuho, a teacher-in-training, is suddenly kissed by her student Ema Serizawa.

Ema is a popular illustrator who Konami admires, and asks Konami to help with her draw new illustrations.

Konami was hoping to get a sneak peek at some new illustrations and says yes to the task. But the requests from Ema were heart-pounding ones like getting kissed, sharing a bath, and sleeping in the same bed.

“I… didn’t expect helping meant kissing and sharing beds.”

Konami’s meeting with Ema lifts the curtain on a love drama in which Konami’s feelings go back and forth between “admiration” and “love”.


Title: Secret Kiss is Sweet and Tender
Original title: 秘密のキスは甘くやさしく
Play time: Short (~ 2 hours)
Developer: Rosetta (Website)
Publisher: iMel Inc. (Website)
Releases: Japanese 2022-02-17, English 2022-02-17
Language: English (Official)
No Sexual Content!
Voice: Japanese



Size : 428 MB


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