Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me

The beautiful busty girl you defended becomes your slave?She lives with you and has all the sex you could desire!
You saved a girl classmate and she devoted herself to you.Not just at school but at home too, she’s always there. A life of two.Master and servant. Your wish is her command.Enjoy the lewd life with a girlfriend who makes you her only priority.
Title Nekura Ijimerarekko o Tasuketara Natsukareta! ~ Kakure Bakunyuu Bishoujo to Iinari Haramase Dousei Seikatsu ~
Original title 根暗いじめられっこを助けたら懐かれた!~隠れ爆乳美少女といいなり孕ませ同棲生活~
Aliases Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me
Developer Miel
Language English
Rating 18+

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44 thoughts on “Saved a bullied girl and she embraced me

      1. I have Japanese locale activated via AppLocale and it doesn’t work. Not sure what that means. Also tried renaming the directory to something far shorter and that doesn’t make a difference either.

          1. Weird thats not what i get when i dont use jap locale it might be a different error , try umm downloading the patch from the translator just go on vndb and find the game there .

          2. Try using a different locale thingy try using locale emulator. and try redownloading and install the patch from the translator.

        1. 1.) Download Local Emulator.
          2.) After download right click on .exe file go down and find Locale Emulator and then click on Run in Japanese.
          3.) Profit

  1. If error with syntax error, change the locale to japanese via Region > administration
    and run the eroge with XP SP3 compatibility

      1. well, the game worked fine for me after doing things above(windows 10), maybe look up something you might miss like vcredist or net frameworks i guess. It also might solve your issues in the future. GL

  2. well darn… syntax error. the fixes suggested for that won’t work when running in through wine… sucks for Linux users….

  3. Working with locale emulator v2.3.1.0 but can’t save game and ESC key won’t work. Such a shame can’t progress further without saving ???? using win 10 ver 1067

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