Sakura Magical Girls

Taichi’s in a rough spot in his life. In debt and without any other options, he ended up with a low paying cleaning job at a resort with a manager who won’t get off his back. He thought that it would be boring and uneventful… But then, two wand wielding girls appear before him. In the few moments that follow, he learns that evil is a real, tangible force and that magic is also real.
Although he tries his best to avoid getting involved, the two girls drag him into their battle with the forces of evil. A third girl later appears, tempting him with work that is a bit darker than what he is used to. Will he be able to resist temptation and defeat the evil that is accumulating in the resort?
Title: Sakura Magical Girls
Genre: Sexual Content, Nudity, Adventure, Casual, Simulation
Developer: Winged Cloud
Publisher: Winged Cloud
Release Date: 24 Feb, 2017


Sakura Magical Girls Download

Size : 100MB

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14 thoughts on “Sakura Magical Girls

  1. OK then, I would like to ask what’s the real definition of “EROGE”? I’m not planning on being sarcastic or offending in the least, in all seriousness when I’m seeing a game tagged as “EROGE” I’m expecting “YouKnowWhat” content in the game, though there’s none here.

    1. Maybe you just managed a playthrough where no one got laid? The tags say ‘sexual content’ and ‘nudity’… dunno.

      1. I already played the whole playthrough and unlocked the full CGs and to my own surprise there’s nothing here that actually orient the game to “EROGE” and “Sexual Content” (though the “Nudity” part is still present in which the girls show off some bareskin ofc). Well the most precise term I should use is that there’s no “Sexual Intercourse” which, to my own belief I’m not sure, is the principal setting of what makes an “Eroge”, following by the “Sexual Content” tag, an Eroge.

    2. the only sakura games that have sexual intercourse is sakura swim club. the other just showing naked girls. thank you because your comment i know that i should not playing this

      1. I think “Sakura Nova” had Sexual Intercourse too but eh, out of utter disappointment I just had to state the point that bothered me the most.

    3. This one has some pretty lewd scenes as well if you apply the adult.rpa file from the Winged Cloud website. You simply didn’t get them because you didn’t have it applied on your playthrough.

  2. Pls i need help when i try to launch the startup it say something like The path can not be found, does anyone know how to make it work?

  3. Anyone knows how to use the uncensor patch by winged cloud? please help! i’ve got a file name adult.rpa but dont know how to use it. 🙁

    1. Place it in the “C:/Program Files (x86)/Sakura Magical Girls/game” directory and start a new game from the beginning for it to load into the game. [It won’t load into an existing save file, you pretty much have to start the game all over again if you already started it before applying the adult.rpa file]

  4. Ok seems like the adult.rpa on Winged Cloud’s Patreon resolve the problem of the “Eroge” tag. that actually got my hopes up…BUT…unfortunatly it was in reality rather DISAPPOINTING.
    In short you can’t ❤ the other two main girls (Hikari and Yuki), the only one you can ❤ is Ayame. And that’s weird, these two girls were always inviting the MC to ❤ them for next time they said but *sigh* well you know…just to tell you guys that you should not get your hopes up with these two girls and be deceived in the end like myself. (if the story was actually good I would have overlooked it but eh even that…at least the art is always so appealing…at least…)

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