Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff

A rumor was circulating about an after-school devil.Its true identity was students whose forbidden impulse is awaken.””From a best friend to a best friend””. The desire was infectious.
Title: Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff
Original title: 輪舞曲Duo -夜明けのフォルテシモ- ぷにゅぷりff
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Year: Japan 2014-10-31, English Patch 2016-05-02
Developer: TinkleBell
Publishers: TinkleBell
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Translation: octotap
Info: VNDB


Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff download

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13 thoughts on “Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff

      1. i run in jap local, it got to menu screen but all three buttons in the menu gave an error and force closed the game

      1. lol depends,
        it can be good but can have bad effects on you.
        It can be considered good only when you feel like being messed with your head. Also if you are willing to immerse yourself.
        Yabai-tte, maji de. I mean the extents that they go here are beyond rationale and legality. For example, the devil girl Katarina is really cute to watch normally, but psychologically she is also a real devil that wants to pollute your brains and stir them up with a blender, — by accident (:-3). It goes really deeply into religious and moral values and attempts to destabilize them. The developers really went borderline-acceptable on this one, it can be really good, or too much for some people… this kind of unacceptability is not what you’re used to, which is why I gave the warning above.

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