Riks = Peruetto -RPG that will get you abused If you fail

The story starts with Riks, who enters the gates of religious school with hopes and fears.
She was enjoying a normal campus life for sometime, but on day, during PE class, Celis gets injured.
After seeing that, Riks tells her to lick her pussy to cure the injury.
Celis licked the pussy as directed, and her the wound was cured.
But since that day, Riks’s gets isolated since, her classmates looked at her as if, they were seeing some kind of monsters.
During that period, she have met Nun Cruz. Who did not treat her differently where, she started to respect her more like a sister.
Although this RPG starts out with a serious prologue, when you lose, brutal things will happen during this RPG.
Since there is a limits for samples and, we are incapable to show the harsh parts, you will get raped and killed if you lose.
If you are the person who likes and thought that the main character, Riks looks cute! , Riks will be treated very harshly so, please be careful (Chuckles)


Title: Riks = Peruetto -RPG that will get you abused If you fail-
Developer: Kiteretsu Showado
Publisher: Kiteretsu Showado
Release date: 12 Jun, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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