Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari – Love For Hire

“Please go out with me!”
“I want you to be my ‘paramour.'”
“Okay, here’s your friend fee.”
“Why’d it turn out like this?”

Shinkai Yuki is a siscon.
Due to family circumstances, Yuki has only one belief: money will make his little sister happy.
And thus, he works part-time jobs late into the night.

His original plan was to start working full-time immediately after graduation, but one day, his little sister tells him that if he won’t go to university, then she won’t either.
But Yuki can’t let her suffer like that.
Suddenly tasked with earning money for university tuition, Yuki signs up to be a “rental temp worker.”
You’re sure to find a new you!
Recruiting rental temp workers!


Release Date: 2021-10-22
Developer: ASa Project Website
Publisher: NekoNyanSoft Website
Censored: No (patched)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese



Size : 3 GB

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