Re;Lord 2 ~The witch of Cologne and black cat~

A fantasy world where magic exists.

This is a story where demons lived among the denizens of the world. And it’s the demon realm that was about to face an unprecented crisis when three “Witches of Ruin” suddenly appeared and invaded the demon country of Saarland.

Possessing power beyond what the demon kingdom could muster a defense against, Saarland had no choice but to surrender the region of Groessen to these invaders. The witches were not content to stop there as they also decided to make an example out of the demons by transforming them into stuffed animals to further rob them of their dignity.

Half a year has passed since the appearance of the witches. As if straight out of a fairy tale, the majority of the people of Groessen have been transformed into stuffed animals and live under the rule of the Witches of Ruin. It is up to Wilfried, son of the governor of Groessen, to lead his ragtag army into battle with the witches and liberate Groessen.

After defeating Erika Anders, one of the Witches of Ruin, and liberating the district of Herfort, Wilfried and his allies invade the domain of the Witch of Ruin, Iris, in order to break the spell cast over his father and his friends.


Title: Re;Lord 2 ~The witch of Cologne and black cat~
Original title: Re;Lord 第二章 ~ケルンの魔女と黒猫~
Aliases: Relord, Re:lord
Play time: Medium (~ 15 hours)
Developer: Escu:de
Publishers: Denpasoft & Sekai Project (Steam – Website)
Releases: Japanese 2015-05-29, English 2021-11-19
Version: 1.0
Language: English, Japanese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Voice: Japanese



Size : 1.2 GB

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