Rance 5D – The Lonely Girl & Rance VI – Collapse of Zeth

After offending a high-ranked magic user in the kingdom of Zeth, Rance was ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill was treated as a VIP. Vowing vengeance, Rance joined up with an underground resistance group determined to overthrow Zeth’s government (and be reunited with Sill).
Title Rance VI – Zeth Houkai –
Original title RanceVI -ゼス崩壊-
Aliases ランス6 -ゼス崩壊-, Rance 6
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Language English
Rating 18+


Rance 5D – The Lonely Girl & Rance VI – Collapse of Zeth Download

Size : 1.9GB

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20 thoughts on “Rance 5D – The Lonely Girl & Rance VI – Collapse of Zeth

  1. anyone know if there guide/ walkthrough for this game?
    know my past game experience i miss up so hard on Rance game *like Sengoku Rance and Kichikuou Rance * so i dont want to play this game without guide 🙁

    1. It’s a new game. It literally came out on like Dec23. Maybe guides will start popping up after a while.
      This game is much easier to follow though. You have special events clearly marked.

    2. seriously, you don’t need a guide for this one, i finished it after like 60 hours (took a while longer because i wanted to grind a bit more than necessary) i’m only missing 5 CG’s so far and i think if i would grind a bit longer in the post story i’ll get them aswell, so i highly doubt that you’ll be able to miss anything, because even if you did during the main story the game goes on after that in a kind of endless mode to get everything you could’ve missed plus the bonus content…

    1. since this appear to be mangagamer releases i doubt that this will be
      necessary but anyways, if you play other games that need japanese
      locales why not permanently keep the locales set to japanese? i’ve set
      the locales to japanese, system language to english and a german
      keyboard input and never had any problems with that so far^^

  2. Thanks for these games, but i’m having problems with rance 5d (which is included in the download). Every time I enter de game, or choose “move” in it, a error window with simbols appears. Solutions? maybe I need to change w10 to japanese?

  3. So, all my Rance game (all english) have changed most of the numbers needed to see the value into letters. How can I Fix this?

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