Princess Sacrifice: Adventure of Feena

Swords and magic. An age of violence and wonder.The benevolent gods of old felt abandoned by humans caught up in their own lives.
Thus, gods abandoned humanity. The celestial realm was barren.Only spirits on the earth remained.

To protect humanity the spirits gave their Powers to maidens of the shrine.

These maidens were known as…
—Sacrificial Princesses—

Princess Sacrifice -Adventure of Feena-An RPG and ADV hybrid fantasy novel

Feena wields the three Powers in battle…

1…… The Power of Death
2…… The Power of Charm
3…… The Power of Fusion

Countless shames threaten her purity…

* Spectacular r*pe by monster hordes and unsavory villagers
* The pinpricks of sexual indignity, battle by battle, that degrade Feena over time
* Dark caves full of enemies where you will go to save wailing captive women…
* Sentinels who will publicly punish Feena if they catch her
* Orc gangbangs, mating slimes, milkpump pixies, ruthless sex demons, tentacles, more…

With subtle H events changes based on pose art Optional clothes changes, semi-permanent cumstains, etc.
For example, click Feena’s dildo-strapped avatar…


Title: Princess Sacrifice: Adventure of Feena
Publisher: Cat whiskers RADIO
Release: Nov/09/2013
Last Modified: Nov/15/2014
Version: Final
Language: English (90% Translate, 10% MTL)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)



Size : 355MB


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