Princess Evangile W Happiness

This time around, you can finally date all nine heroines: the original four heroines in their “epilogues,” and the five sub-heroines in their “another story” routes!For those of you who haven’t played the main story, the common route of the original “Princess Evangile” is also included for your viewing pleasure!
Through a strange series of events, Okonogi Masaya enrolls at “Vincennes Private Girls’ Academy” as a sample student. As the only man at this all girl’s school, he runs into one obstacle after another. Will the protagonist be accepted by the pure, high-class maidens of Vincennes–the Filles de la Vincennes?!
Title: Princess Evangile W Happiness – Steam Edition
Genre: AdventureCasual
Developer: MOONSTONE
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: 29 Jul, 2017


Princess Evangile W Happiness Download

Steam ver

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Eroge ver

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14 thoughts on “Princess Evangile W Happiness

    1. Eroge means regulary that it contains H Scenes. Example: Nekopara without 18+ Patch = regular VN Steam Version, Nekopara with 18+ Patch = Eroge VN.
      Further Examples for Eroges: Rapelay, Rondo Duo, @ HOME MATE, Teaching Feeling …

    1. no no no no non yamete no no no you must play the frst game to understand all the characters which would make it a better experience thats the point

  1. i got cut off half way through the game is was liek “retail version only full game for more” what the hell is up with that

    1. what the hell is wrong with you moron?
      it’s stated at the first start, that it’s only the common route of the original game, if you want the entire story get the princess evangile base game instead…

      1. actually it states that the common route is included for those who “haven’t” played the original version, not that it’s “just” the common route. Try to read before biting someone’s head off…

        1. well, it doesn’t state that there’s more than the common game, hence i don’t see that there’s any mentioning of the entire prequel being included, so stop interpreting stuff into things that isn’t there >_<

  2. Yes after finding good linkz
    Recently im visitinh this wrb more because of multilinkz so thank you in advance

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