Princess Evangile English

Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school!
Title Princess Evangile
Aliases Princess Evangile~プリンセスエヴァンジール~, プリンセスエヴァンジール, Prieva
Length Long (30 – 50 hours)
Developer Moonstone
Publishers Moonstone & Dennou Club & CyberFront & Moe App
Language English
Rating 18+


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20 thoughts on “Princess Evangile English

    1. Hey, Idk if u still need any help with this, but basically just go to the file that all the info is on for the game. It should be titled “hddgames.com_PE”. In that folder youre going to see a .rar file. I want you to click it once, not twice. then press CTRL C. Go to the desktop shortcut of the game, click it once, then CTRL V. It should work after that. Hope this helps 😀

  1. I loved the game, it had a nice, enjoyable story, interesting (If somewhat cliche) characters, and a good soundtrack. (Not “Buy a copy of the soundtrack CD” level, but you know, nice enough)
    I only have two big issues: the fact there are so little decisions over such a long period of time is one of them, but what really bothers me is just how little most of those decisions matter.
    If you’re here for a story, it won’t disappoint. That said, the fact you have such little impact on the plot makes it a less than effective visual novel, acting more like a “Kinetic novel” which is a VN where you make no decisions. Overall, I would give it a firm 7/10, because while it didn’t meet my personal expectations, I’m only trying to rate the content present, and with that they did an excellent job.
    As a side note, this one is notably longer than a lot of other Manga-Gamer VNs, and that (30-50) hour bit above is no joke. Thankfully, this is a gem deserving of the time you will need to really enjoy it.
    And before I forget, anyone here for “Plot” should know that while it’s there, it’s not what this one’s all about, so you might want to look elsewhere.

  2. im not very good with explanations, but i’ll try my best to explain how i got mine to work:
    Basically, once you’ve extracted the files in the “RAR.file”, a folder called “hddgames.com_PE” should appear. There you’ll find the a file called “Princess_Evangile_Setup”. Double click on this file and it should download and setup the game. Once the download is done, you should find a folder called “games”, and inside another folder called “MangaGamer”, then inside of that folder is another folder called “Princess Evangile”. Inside the “Princess Evangile” folder you should find the launcher for the game called “Evangile”, however as some should already know that when you try to lauch the game with this launcher, the “activation code” window will appear.
    Now, how to resolve the “activation code” problem:
    What you want to do is to delete the “Evangile” in the Princess Evangile” folder. (Don’t forget to also delete the shortcut created on your desktop)
    Next, go back to the “hddgames.com_PE” folder, there you should find a folder called “crack” that is zipped. Extract it. Inside you should find a launcher for the game also called “Evangile”. Now copy “Evangile” inside the “crack” folder, and then paste it in the “Princess Evangile” folder. Once that’s done, the game should work just fine.
    If this explanation helps, then i’m glad, but if you don’t understand my explanation, then i’m sorry. I’m just bad at explaining things.
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Thanks a lot. It worked perfectly. For those who keeps asking for the activation code. Follow this guy’s instruction and you can launch the games without needing the activation code 😀

  3. And, following up on this in light of “W” coming out, let me point something out: the password is in the damn RAR. if you look for it, you will find it.

  4. Guys seriously…
    Stop asking for the goddamn code. It’s inside the .rar file you download to play the game.

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