Portals of Phereon

Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls, made in Unity (18+ Only!)
Monstergirl Breeding/Management Game with rpg elements
Breed baseSpecies of monstergirls into hybrids with unique looks/skills etc. Traits and stat potentials also breedable
Town Npcs have unique traits and can be used for breeding with enough relation
The maincharacter has the ability to absorb/learn genetic information through dna and can transform/upgrade based on those (maincharacter can also be used for breeding)
Current baseSpecies(Harpy,Centaur,Mermaid,Lavagirl,Succubus,Plantgirl,Lizard,InsectGirl and a light creature)

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