Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom (V1.10)

The dungeon; an ancient relic from the time of the Demon Lord. However, countless treasures and monsters remain inside, awaiting brave adventurers.
Naturally, the nearby town flourished with the arrival of such fortune-seekers.
Knightess Ellen now heads to that town, upon receiving orders to investigate and put an end to goblins invading the countryside.
At her side is trusty yet unreliable wizard Lillia.
The town comes into view. Ellen and Lillia spur on their horses, unaware of what awaited them…


Title: Paize Knightess Ellen and the Dungeon Town of Sodom
Developer: dHR-ken
Publisher: dHR-ken
Release date: 19 Jun, 2022
Version: 1.10
Language: English (DMTL by Shisaye)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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