Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto

Ne no Kami is a romantic Japanese yuri visual novel adventure. A unique feature in Ne no Kami is the use of videos to illustrate battles and action, dynamically changing the pace and tension.
Title: Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto
Genre: Sexual Content, Nudity, Adventure, Casual
Developer: Kuro Irodoru Yomiji
Publisher: Sekai Project
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2016
Rating 18+
Language English


Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Download

Size : 1.3GB

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32 thoughts on “Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto

      1. It is not a butcher version it is a fixed version where they took out porn that shouldn’t even be there and is only forced in game to get perverts to buy it. Just like in 99% of other VNs with H-content.

        1. You already lost your credibility when you said 99% of them. Most great and masterpiece VNs are eroge for reason. You cannot read muv-luv series, fate/ series, kara no shoujo, yumina, koichoco, utawarerumono, saya no uta, and many others without h contents because it adds to story, relationships, important character depths and personalities, background, developments, etc. There always more to it than simply “pron for preverts”. But ofc you won’t know it because you only read the censored/butchered version.
          I think you just based your opinion because of the overrated nekopara. You know, nekopara isn’t the only eroge out there ╮(¬‿¬)╭

          1. I probably read far more VNs then you, I had been in VNs when most people didn’t even know what they are so I know what I am talking about. H-scenes don’t really add anything, most aren’t even written or illustrated by the same people responsible for the rest of VN itself. The only reason H-scenes exist is to get an easy $ from perverts and then if VN is popular enough it will get a decent fixed version later. When you started to talk about original creator while trying to justify existence of H-scenes you already lost all credibility as you shown you don’t really know how those things work.
            True I know you won’t really accept anything I have to state or any facts there are as you just like H-scenes and don’t want to admit what they really are. I had this discussion a hundreds of times before and I don’t feel like having it again as I know it is futile.

          2. First of all , I would like to ask why do you want request a all-age version in the ‘eroge’ category ? Do u know what eroge means?

          3. Eroge only means developers decided to add (Usually out of place) porn in their game to get some easy $. That in no way describes a VN as a whole.

          4. Why sex is bad in an eroge??
            In movie, there is always is sex scene,(GOT for example) and I don’t see people complain about it.

          5. To begin with some short scene from an angle you can’t really see anything is completely different from an actual porn, There is also that most of the time H-scenes are forced in VNs and are completely out of place, but more then that VNs are part of Anime culture and they should be better then that.

          6. To be honest guys, why we argue with some “stupid” topic here. I myself love both non-adult and adult version of VN. Why? Coz I love VN, love anime and it doesn’t matter ppl call me I just love VN and anime. Also I respect those ppl who create it, it needs alot of hardwork to create VN. Some ppl may say “why you are like something filthy like that bla bla bla” and others say “and why you doesn’t understand of eroge (ero-games) bla bla bla”. Fvck that. We are playing for what we want to play. Let me ask, if there’s no eroge / non adult version. How ppl can decide where’s adult and where’s not? All I want to say just let them play what they want to play. After all they won’t bothering you by playing they own version. No offend just want to remind you guys we are same. Otaku’s / Anime addict / Gamer. 🙂

          7. agree with you. we are same. just because our likes are little different, doesn’t mean we can say that other people are have mental sickness and lack of intelligence.

          8. This is not some small thing you can brush of as a matter of taste. What you say is like saying someone likes to talk to people other prefer to kill people to each his own. Eroge is not a genre it is a forced porn in VNs.

          9. Not only we are not the same we are complete opposite of each other. People who hate H stuff are people who really love VNs, Anime, JRPGs for what they are those who love stuff like that are those who don’t even understand what those stand for and are only around for reasons that have noting to do with anime and VNs and they create a demand for those things because of witch developers are forced to put those things in order to make more money and that way ruin things for real fans. Also you are saying everyone should just play what they want but we can’t do that, example here how only 18+ version is being uploaded, and those people all the time go out of their way to sabotage real fans and fixed versions. On top of that fixed versions don’t even always exist witch is even more true for Anime and JRPGs. We are enemies and there is no way for us to coexist and only one culture will survive by the end. I will do whatever I can for that to be our side of true Otaku.

          10. Well, if you said that is okay. That’s what your opinion, for my opinion I respect everyone and their choice. World runs not by one thought. There’s no shadow without light. If you said we are enemies then so be it. I just won’t respect when there’s such person or organization that break unity. After all you can’t push your opinion on others. One more things, if “otaku” means just play one side of the game you wrong. True otaku? Realy? I think you are just a weeaboo. Anime / VN / Games is freedom, if you don’t like it leave it. We walk on different path but you can’t jugde us not an otaku by playing eroge.

          11. That is just more of this 3d societies nonsense how everyone opinion is equal no matter what, but it’s not, there are things witch are just right and wrong, saying that you think 1+1 is 3 is just wrong and it’s not a matter of opinion. sex is not part of anime culture and anyone who understands anime culture should clearly see that so forcing things in otaku culture witch don’t belong there and supporting it means you are against otaku and anime culture and not for it. If you honestly think that sex is part of anime culture then you don’t even see anime culture and you look at anime in 3d world/society rules witch are noting but politically created nonsense and have no place in something as amazing as anime witch is billion times superior to 3d world crap. I bet that while you claim that you are an otaku you properly still watch western live action series and movies and think that they are good if not even comparable to anime. You are the one trying to take away the only remnants of art and beauty left in this world witch is anime culture from it’s real fans and you tell us to stay away if we don’t like how you are destroying it but you are the one who if you don’t like what anime really is and want socialites nonsense and something as primitive as sex instead, just need to stick to whatever else you want as everything other then anime supports that crap and runs by rules of retardnes of today’s 3d world.

          12. Yeah and I’ve been with the VN industry for more than a decade and can say that you’re way of thinking is complete bull and bias. Eroge is ero and that’s what it comes down to. Sex sells and if you like all-ages version galges, then I assure you, in and out of Japan, you are the minority. Nukige sells like hot pancakes, that’s why there’s so many.
            Localization where they skin off H-scenes and other stuff always gets a rebuke from the consumers side, especially the ones who have played the Japanese version. Sure, H-scenes may more often than not be just sex, but it is how the original creation is. And I’m not talking about those light novel or anime VN adaptations. Most popular galges are eroge, and calling skinned eroge “fixed versions” is just dumb.

          13. I think quality of fan-base is more important then quantity of fan-base, western game industry has given as a good prof of this in last couple of years, they decided to aim their games more toward easy to satisfy softcore fans cause they are a majority and if you are fallowing what is going around a game industry I don’t need to tell you how that ended.
            This goes especially when it comes to piece of art.

          14. You’re contrasting yourself there, friend. You say quality of fanbase is more important yet say that the western game industry caters to easy to satisfy softcore fans. An easy to satisfy fanbase is a high quality fanbase huh?
            And in the first place, I was never going on about the Western VN market. I was talking about it as a whole, meaning including the country it originated from. If you call 30+ years of a fanbase less quality than a new niche market in the Western world, you are doing them a great injustice.
            And even then, I guarantee you 100% the people who put they’re passion and effort into translating these Japanese eroge titles are way more quality than those people who go on Steam and download Mangagamer shit or whatever. Look at what that company did to the guys working on translating the Alicesoft titles? Look at the people still enjoying working on Violated Heroine. Look at the Monster Girl community. Although all of them are perverts, we love and accept them. They are a passionate and quality fanbase.
            You have barely scratched the surface because you don’t want to delve deeper and think something perverted is less quality than an all-ages modified version. The VNs you see in the spotlight of the Western game industry is nothing compared to the tens of thousands of galge that lurk in Japan. A guy in ULMF once said, “fetishes are like a page, you need to be open to others to enjoy the book”, or something like that.
            EDIT: Also, note that eroge IS developed with ero in mind. Galge and VNs may or may not have.

          15. You have no idea what you are talking about, firstly easy to satisfy fan-base is opposite of high quality fan-base, it is a low quality fan-base.
            I won’t boder to correct you on other things and will just say you are completely wrong and have no idea what you are talking about.

          1. Completely oppositely, those who are against H-scenes is exactly who are good for anime culture. Those who support H-scenes don’t even understand what anime culture is about and are around only for things that are completely opposite of what anime culture stands for. Taste has noting to do with mental sickness and lack of intelligence and humanity witch are today’s society’s main mentality.

          2. if anybody would love the same stuff the world would be boring as hell and after reading all your flaming comments i came to the conclusion that your view of things isn’t any different from your typical ignorant nazi because to you everyone who isn’t your exact same opinion is an idiot with some kind of mental illness -.-”
            it’s YOU that is lacking the intelligence and common sense to open your mind to and at least tollerate anything beyond your own ideals and therefore are the one with some mental problems, not everyone else!

          3. That’s your classical idiotic democratic/pacifistic point of view of accepting everything. all it does is that it sounds nice and gives false sense of worth to worthless while destroying all values and principles and creating anarchy. On the other hand when you put all propaganda aside Nazism actually had a lot of good points as a political system. You call me ignorant while spouting all that BS……

      2. fyi VN that originally never have H-scene never survived. you got to read those “FIXED” version because the original version with H-scene sells hard. you can see the selling percentage that the butchered version sells not even half of the original version.

        1. True that. VNs with H sells hard not only because of the H, but ppl want the full package without any content cutted. I think I was going a little bit overboard but I hope they got my points. Btw there are some non-H VNs that I really love because of the compelling and mindblown story, like Higurashi & Umineko, Tokyo Babel, Dahlia, Phenomeno, Sunrider Mask of Arcadius (Muv-Luv vibe), etc

  1. I used internet download manager on the GDrive link. damn it. download without litmiter without holding back. you know lol? my wifi is shutting down because it cannot take that heavy force. 14 mb /s lol wifi is shutting down and restart itself for a few mins to come back to life. I always have to use limiter that is 7 mb/s that will keep my wifi alive

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