Monster Girl Quest English

Title: Monster Girl Quest – Monmusu Quest
Genre: Adventure, Eroge
Developer: Torotoro Resistance
Release Date: 15 Nov, 2014
Language: English
Rating: 17+
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Size : 600MB
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11 thoughts on “Monster Girl Quest English

  1. Everything went smooth over here, no crashes & no errors. I’m looking forward to find the second part (hopefully third part too) here as well since the other websites are either useless or blocked. You’re doing a great job, un-blessed hero~

  2. So i just downloaded the game bu tthe only thing i get is a file with all the games contents but not the game itself, how do i play the game with this?

  3. There’s a Trojan virus implemented in the .exe file, as soon as you want to open the .exe file the virus is triggered. Remember Trojan itself is harmless but opens the way for other virusses to freely enter you software and cause havoc.

  4. Just saying
    I really had fun playing this game. The storyline and the character, both got great developments. Not a super-amazing-great game, but still, an enjoyable game.

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