Mission of Rudil

The female knight Isaria is in a town called “Rudil” where various entertainments are gathered.
She is tasked with finding evidence of illegal drug transactions by the knight captain.
Her mission was to “infiltrate the city as a whore”!
Isaria, who has her boyfriend but infiltrates as a whore, protects her chastity.
Can she safely finish her mission …!

30 basic CGs
Total number of CG is about 220

Rudil has a variety of entertainment, as it is called an “entertainment district”. From sex shops to stadiums, beauty salons and host clubs (!?) …
There are also monsters that sexually attack Isaria in the dungeons on the outskirts of the city.
Do you stick to chastity or use a woman’s weapon to prostitute and earn money?
It’s up to you, the player.


Title: Mission of Rudil
Developer: IOLITE
Publisher: IOLITE
Release date: 10 Jun, 2022
Version: 1.5
Language: English (MTL)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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