Mine Park

Can the heroine escape this dangerous place without submitting to pleasure and sexual slavery!?
Well, it’s up to you to stop her!
Set up lewd traps, and dominate her!

Task Mode: Catch the heroine as she tries to escape, ero-trap dungeon style!
Use points accrued in this mode to unlock additional capabilities in the Training Mode!
Points can also net you useful items and strategic options.

Training Mode: Give the downed heroine a dose of pleasure training.
As the training progresses, her resistance will be worn down, and her body will start to enjoy it.
Purchase tools to train her in the method you prefer!


Title: Mine Park
Developer: Lattefull
Publisher: Lattefull
Release date: 21 Aug, 2021
Version: 1.03
Language: English (MTL Edit)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)





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