Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu’s trip~

!The Story!
The robot Rurumu finds herself in quite a predicament as her way home is strewn with landmines! With only her wits to rely on, she must navigate through the minefield with her mine-detection skill and embark on an adventure—minesweeper style!

!The System!
We’re back with cute girls and minesweeping! A minesweeper action adventure with enemies and obstacles to conquer!
Our latest edition includes a hit point (HP) system and mine detection flares to support you. With a myriad of new enemy types and boss encounters, an exciting new adventure awaits!


TITLE: Mine Dungeon2 ~Rurumu’s trip~
GENRE: Action Games, Indie
DEVELOPER: celusis
RELEASE DATE: 29 Sep, 2020



Size : 190MB


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