Midori In a Pinch!! ~Pixel Art Uncharted Territory~

The incident occurred the summer Midori’s hair reached her waist! Can she survive the enemy’s erotic attacks, and escape the school? An undercover girl in uncharted territory!

A retro pixel-art (style) action game.
Touching enemies results in instant H-animations!
There are 12 stages in total, with specialized H-animations for each enemy character!

Gallery included.
13 H-animation scenes x 3 clothing variations = 39 total
x3 clothing variations = 39 different variations to unlock,
in addition to opening, ending, and stage clear scenes for a total of 14 scenes.

Unlimited continues!
We highly recommend playing this game with a gamepad!
Easy Mode included!


Title: Midori In a Pinch!! ~Pixel Art Uncharted Territory~
Developer: pinkgold
Publisher: pinkgold
Release date: 7 Apr, 2022
Version: Final
Language: English, Chinese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)




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