MECHANICA: A Ballad of the Rabbit and Mercury

Cyberpunk x sexual harassment
A game that doesn’t feel altogether new, but not nostalgic either.
An adult game in the traditional style with new flourishes.
The game contains lots of hardcore H to go with excellent music and CG.

Mercury: the year 5029
The story takes place on Mercury, in a city full of halfwits and neon lights.
In this place, the natural light of stars cannot reach

Search the beautiful 2D world, show “music” to the denizens of Mercury to gather information,
and prepare for an onslaught from outer space.


Title: MECHANICA: A Ballad of the Rabbit and Mercury
Developer: Loser/s
Publisher: OTAKU Plan
Release date: Steam 17 Sep, 2021, Dlsite Apr/10/2020
Last updated: Apr/20/2020 (Dlsite)
Version: Final
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Official)
Censored: No (Uncensored Patched)



Size : 1.6 GB

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