Make Lots of Money with Sex!

The story is divided into three parts according to the grade level of the main character, Creta Takamizawa, and you can enjoy the process of the boy’s transformation into an erotic and feminine figure as he grows up!
The story is full of mysterious twists and turns, from the mysterious to the serious that threaten the fate of the main character!

In a certain town, a number of young boys and girls are kidnapped one after another and raped one after another.
Creta Takamizawa, the only male student among the six, quickly becomes the subject of rumors within the school, and even after he goes to school he is the target of sexual bullying by his classmates.

In the midst of this predicament, he meets a suspicious-looking girl named May Mandaii, who has never been to school.
When Creta hears about her, she is also a victim of rape!
When Creta finds out about this, she starts to feel close to her and tries to deepen her relationship with her, but all of a sudden, Mei says …….

“If you give me 100,000 yen, I’ll make you into a perfect beautiful girl.

“What? ……?”The boy, Creta, is reluctant to enter this unprecedented realm, but after years of being bullied and having his anus developed when he was young, he has become a dominant type.


Title: Make Lots of Money with Sex!
Circle: Yanmarumaa
Release date: JP Sep/16/2021, Eng Oct/29/2021
Last updated: Eng Nov/10/2021
Version: V1.0
Language: English (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)



Size : 265 MB


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