Magic & Slash – Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure

Prepare for a world of fantasy, adventure, and horny monsters in Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure-.This action RPG follows the journey of the apprentice adventurer, Riru.

Strange things are happening in Cain village. Overnight, a large forest grew on the road leading into the village.Not only that, vicious monsters have started living in the forest, causing the villagers to fear for their lives.
Luis, a young man who runs an inn in Cain village, contacts his adventurer sister, Tanya, to investigate.Tanya then heads to the village with her apprentice, Riru.

In Magic & Slash -Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure-, there are plenty of items to gather,such as powerful items and weapons along with special outfits that you can make your characters wear.
While fighting enemies in this hack and slash adventure, you can arrange Riru’s skills and equipment to fit your playstyle.As Riru takes damage, her clothes will get torn and ripped until there is hardly any fabric left.

This game has all the elements you’ve come to expect from Lunasoft, including achievements and hellish difficulty levels!However, we’ve included an easy mode for those who find the game too difficult, or aren’t good at action RPGs.


Developer: Lunasoft
Publisher: mangagamer
Release: 2020-01-16
Work Format: RPG
Genre: Female protagonist, RPG, Fantasy, Animated, Big tits, Romance, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Rape, Tentacles, Group sex, Loli, Voiced, Japanese game, Monster, Combat, Multiple penetration
File Size: 413MB



Size : 420MB


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