Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami [Final]

Online streamers Mio Ikoma, Nana Sakurai and Azusa Shiraishi travel to the locally famous haunted resort, the Hotel Izanami, at Nana’s request to shoot a video there. It would be a film shoot at an average haunted location with no particular legend attached. To finish shooting without a hitch and get an end result that was vaguely horror-esque…was all they wanted.

During filming, Mio gets separated from the group, and suddenly gets attacked by a mascot costume that has come to life. From that point on, the trapped girls are at the mercy of numerous horrors throughout the hotel. Why is a mascot trying to harm them, and why have they been shut in to the hotel with no escape? Can the three girls escape from the hotel with their lives?

A livestream set in an abandoned hotel begins…


Release Date: 2021-06-11
Original Title: 廃深
Developer: qureate Website
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese
Voices: Japanese
VNDB: Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)



Size : 380 MB


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