Little Busters! Ecstasy

Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids calling themselves the Little Busters.They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away. Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life.

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12 thoughts on “Little Busters! Ecstasy

  1. Little Busters is great in a lot of ways, because while there are minigames and the such, you can opt out of them entirely if you so choose. Honestly I wouldn’t suggest it though, they’re usually fun and while you are told they have no impact in the story some special events only happen if you chose to play along.
    That aside, it’s one of the more… diverse? visual novels I’ve played. The characters each have an incredibly unique personality, and story. What’s more, the “Flags” for certain characters’ routes don’t always occur on the same days as one another, so you still feel connected to the rest of the Little Busters.
    That said, my only real complaint is that for the most part the first half and second half of any given storyline almost feel as though they’ve been written by completely different people. Put simply, hitting a characters flags, and doing events with them… you won’t be expecting what comes when you’re finally “Locked” into their route.
    For story, art, character development and more I’d give a 9/10. Why not a 10/10? because random bits of text are still untranslated, though none of them are vital.

  2. I heard that ex version is 18+. and HCGs only happened in supporting character. not the main protagonist. main protagonist doesn’t have HCGs.

    1. Yup that is correct.
      I’ve finished one of the route and there is no H scene whatsoever.
      Kinda disappointed but it’s a good game overall so there you are.

  3. how to play the extra route?, i already finish all the main route including refrain and final refrain but no extra route appear

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