Kisekimura [Demo]

Kisekimura is a turn based RPG that features adult content and collaborations with NSFW content creators. Accompany diverse characters along their journeys in a vast fantasy world full of dangers, magic and interesting choices!

Kisekimura features a rich turn-based combat system that’s combined with an idle gameplay that lets you farm in the background.

We strive to make a game that features diverse content as development continues. You have the option to disable specific content within the game, which will be swapped with an equivalent SFW scene.


Meet Rahasya and Rinka in the base game, befriend them and unlock NSFW scenes.

Turn based combat with recruitable companions
Upgrade & Crafting System
Unlockable NSFW content when completing missions
Befriend multiple characters when partnering on their adventures
All NSFW content can be swapped with SFW content according to your preferences
This game is for you if you like:

Visual Novels
Clicker/Idle Games



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You can buy this game HERE


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