Isekai Lost in Harem

he story of the game is about the world name “Estalia”, the world populated only by females.
This world is peaceful, thanks to the seal that keeps demons away.
But one day, the seal is broken and demons start to invade the land.
People get attacked and get controlled by the dark power of the demon lord.

“You” are the hero who reincarnates into this world.
A prophesized hero wielding a magic lance destined to appear before the world at its time of need.
Your main mission is to defeat the demon lord and rescue the people of Estalia with your holy lance!​


Title: Isekai Lost in Harem
Developer: MenZ Studio
Publisher: MenZ Studio (Patreon – Blogspot – – DLsite)
Release date: 19 Dec, 2021
Version: 0.11
Language: English (Official)
Censored: No (Uncensored)




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