Icing Love Coating

Married life with a heroine who has the same dream!

A story about a hard-working wife and her flirting and eroticism.
Feel close to the heroine and experience what it is like to live with her!
You can see various reactions and feel closer to the married life.

This is a visual novel where you can enjoy a lovey-dovey erotic story with a hard-working bride.
A love love adventure of a couple who aspire to become pastry chefs.


Title: Icing -Love Coating-
Original title: アイシング-love coating-
Developer: Hachimitsu Soft (Website)
Publisher: artlink (Website)
Releases: Japanese 2020-04-17, English (Steam): 2021-12-03
Version: Final
Language: English, Japanese (Official)
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Voice: Japanese




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