Hoshizora no Memoria – Wish upon a Shooting Star

Meet Kogasaka You and his little sister, Chinami, both of whom after the sudden death of their mother, are set to leave the city to go back to their childhood hometown to live with their aunt, Shino. Initially leaving their hometown of Hibarigasaki was difficult for You, as he was close friends with a girl who he saw nearly every day after school at the local town lookout. When she discovered that You would be leaving the town, she made him promise to return to marry her and left him with simply a kiss on the forehead to remember her by.
Type: Visual Novel
Genre: Romance, Slice of life, Seduction, Big breast
Original title: 星空のメモリア
Length: 30 – 50 hours
Language: English


Hoshizora no Memoria – Wish upon a Shooting Star Download



8 thoughts on “Hoshizora no Memoria – Wish upon a Shooting Star

  1. I’m only 2 choices in and I already like it, it’s got some memes in it which aren’t forced.
    (This is +18 and english patch)

        1. I went through the trouble of downloading, then ENG patching the JP version as my get around. The H Scenes are censored (in JP) obviously but do exist at least.

          1. thx for the lins Maze Drago!
            Imo there is no point in uncensoring anyways since its not being done by the original artist. Untouched Unrated edition is what most VN geeks look for. We like our stuff clean and un-edited. xoxoxo

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