Hold in Your Cum and Protect Your Girlfriend!

You go to an aesthetic salon together with your childhood friend Mami unaware of what experience awaited the two of you…​

25+ base CG
270+ variations

You must resist the vocal and physical temptations of a lewd woman, and progress to the ending. Jerk off in tandem with the seductive voice, but try not to cum!
Press the camera button to see your girlfriend anytime.However, if you peek too much, it may be hard to hold back the cum…Includes different endings depending on how well you held in your spunk,or where you jizzed, in case of failure.

Will the two of you head home safely, or will you lose out to seduction,leaving your girlfriend to get cucked?
It’s all up to you!


Circle: Haniwa Immersion
Release: Oct/16/2020
Work Format: Simulation
File Size: 572.51 MB



Size : 577MB


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