Gran Ende III ver.1.03

Ange has finally achieved her dream of becoming a royal knight.
However, she’s immediately shipped off on a mission to border city Kaitserin.
Her dreamy city life is immediately halted, as she must now head to a dangerous,
monster-infested hellhole.

Together with fellow novice knight Shiska, Ange must complete her royal duties,
and raise her standing in the knights.
However, the knights in this town are a little strange…
As their doubts and suspicions turn to convictions, the two knights end up
involved in a complex conspiracy neither of them could have even imagined.

* This story contains no direct connections to previous works in the series.
It can easily be enjoyed without having played the previous games.


Title: GranEnde III
Publisher: Hiwatari Honpo
Release date: Feb/11/2021
Last updated: Feb/12/2021
Version: 1.03
Censored: Yes (Mosaics)
Language: English (Fan Translate by Noodle addict)



Size : 788MB


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